Life Update #1: Well this went well…or not

Hello everyone,

Well it’s now been a year since I made this site and well… I have not been updating it very well. I have not made any posts at all since day one. Hopefully I can fix that.

A lot of time has passed meaning quite a lot has happened so I thought it would be a good idea to update you on a few things what have happened since. Now then let’s go through some of that shall we.

I am now a qualified level one judo coach!

Yes, you have read that right. I am now a fully qualified judo coach. I did the course back in February and a few months ago got my coaches card and certificate in the post. I did a level one course meaning I can now take lessons with the supervision of a higher level coach.

I finished my college IT course

Since I made this website I have finished my level 3 IT course. I was able to learn lots of new skills like how to make websites, databases, spreadsheets, graphics, animation, 3D graphics and the list goes on. During this course I was able to make lots of new friends which I still talk to today and even play online with them every now and again.

I applied to a graphic design course at university

I have also now applied to a graphic design course at university. I decided that I enjoyed making graphics in my free time and during my IT course that I thought it would be good to apply to the graphic design course. This is so I can learn new techniques and maybe even get a job in graphic design. This is going to be a big change for me and I will have to make new friends as sadly none of my friends are joining the course with me but this can be a good thing as I will have more people to talk to. There is another reason why it is going to be a big change as it will be a lot harder as there could be more work and stricter deadlines. One of the good things about the university I have applied to is that the class will be quite small compared to the size of a normal university course.

I went on holiday to Kos, Greece

I also went on holiday this year to Kos in Greece in July. I enjoyed this as it was a nice time away from England and even the internet as I had very little connection there and did not take my phone anyway. The weather was nice there but also got very hot sometimes (but at least it was warmer than England). While away in Kos I took my camera so I could take some photos. I ended up taking over 297 photos. Wow, that is a lot.  I am thinking of trying to upload some of the photos I took but that will take a long time.

I went to the Doctor Who Experience

This was back in 2014 but it still counts as I made the last post last year anyway and this happened in November. I also took my camera there and took over 213 photos there (I think you can see that I like taking photos a lot. I always take a lot and probably too many sometimes as I like to get a good shot). This was great to go to as I am a big Doctor Who fan. It was so cool to see everything from the show in person and even step foot onto the Tardis (which sadly I did not get pictures of as I forgot to take pictures of it. I was also not allowed to take pictures during the main adventure). At the experience I was able to go on an adventure with the doctor but due to rules there I am not allowed to talk about what happened in it due to spoilers. If you are a big Doctor Who fan you should go to the experience as it is really good to go to even if you go there to see all the things they used during the show.


So anyway that is some of what happened in my life since the last time I posted here over a year ago. Hopefully this time I can keep this blog up to date. I would like to try to at least make a post a month like this and maybe even try and tweet a bit more (which I have been quite good at tweeting, just not very often. more than I used to at least).

Thank you for reading


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