Welcome to my new website!

Hello and welcome to my new website!

Today I am deciding to finally launch my website after working on it since around May.

I am hoping to update the website often with blog posts about the work I am up to and whatever I feel like posting. For example I may post about websites or videos I am creating. I may even post about what I have been up to in my everyday life and what games I have been playing lately as I enjoy playing games and play them almost everyday.

I also want to start taking pictures more and uploading them to Flickr and talking about the photos on this website. I want to do this as I enjoy taking photos and I have done a photography course (which I did during secondary school) and want to use the skills I learnt on it more.

I am hoping that having this website will get people to contact me to make them websites, videos and/or graphics as I enjoy making them and feel like I could earn a bit of money for doing them for people. If you would like me to make any of those things for you feel free to contact me by using the information on the contact page.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my site and I hope the see you here again soon

– Adam Pope

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