My name is Adam Pope, I am a 21 year old student who studied IT in college and is currently studying graphic design at University. I have learned how to code my own websites using HTML and CSS and have coded a website for my local steelband as well as this website. I have also learnt how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Elements 10 as well as how to edit images (photos) using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

Other things I know are how to use a lot of computer software. Normally if there is a issue with the computer I can work out how to fix it but I don’t know how to fix everything. I know more about software more than hardware, this means I can normally work out how to use software quite quickly. I can also make good looking PowerPoint presentations and make good(ish) graphics (E.G. Graphics for video and websites).

When I am offline I learn and complete in the sport of Judo which is a martial art. I am currently a brown belt which is almost a black belt (The highest grade) which is what I am working on getting next within the next couple of years. I have also fought internationally at Holland and became part of the GB Judo Squad meaning I can fight with a team of good players in different parts of the world.

Social media

On the internet I can be found under the username: Adamspace. This is what I like to be known as on websites like YouTube, Twitter and more.

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